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What Makes Meadowfoam Oil So Stable?

What Makes Meadowfoam Oil So Stable?

What makes meadowfoam oil so stable?

Meadowfoam oil is a unique vegetable oil that is highly stable and resistant to oxidation. The key factor that makes Meadowfoam oil so stable is its unique chemical composition. Meadowfoam oil is composed of long-chain fatty acids, which contain a high percentage of carbon-carbon double bonds. These double bonds are what make vegetable oils susceptible to oxidation, but Meadowfoam oil contains a high level of a unique fatty acid called eicosenoic acid. This fatty acid has a single carbon-carbon bond in its carbon chain, which makes it less susceptible to oxidative degradation. Additionally, Meadowfoam oil has a high level of natural antioxidants, which further enhances its stability. This combination of factors makes Meadowfoam oil an excellent choice for cosmetic and skincare formulations, as it has a long shelf life and provides nourishing benefits to the skin.

Meadowfoam seed oil and castor oils are considered very stable with 5 year shelf life without getting rancid. What makes it so stable when similar oils have a shelf life of around one (1) year.

Fatty Acid Composition

Brassic- 17.9%

Erucic- 12.7%

Gadoleic- 61.5%

Oleic- 3.2%

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