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Organic Grass Fed Tallow Soaps

Our organic tallow skincare and handmade certified grass-fed soaps offer a wonderful choice for individuals seeking a gentle soap that is devoid of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. These soaps are meticulously created using exclusively natural ingredients, such as grass-fed tallow, renowned for its skin-nourishing benefits. Here are the key components of our products:

  • All our soaps are crafted with top-notch ingredients
  • Our primary ingredient is certified organic grass-fed beef tallow sourced from an AGW certified farm.
  • Certified organic grass fed/finished beef tallow (AGW certified)
  • USP Certified hexane-free and heavy metal-free castor oil. (2024 certified)
  • USDA certified organic cold-pressed, non-irradiation babassu oil
  • Organic Canadian cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Certified organic cold-pressed olive oil


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