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Why Certified Grass-fed Tallow is Important?

Why Certified Grass-fed Tallow is Important?

Why Certified Grass-fed Tallow Is Important?

A rising number of health-conscious individuals are recognizing the significance of making informed decisions regarding the foods and products they consume. This increased awareness is leading to a preference for organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. One key ingredient found in Authentic Body And Soul's skincare line is bovine tallow—a versatile and nutrient-rich fat extracted from beef. In our blog post, we will touch on the importance of sourcing certified organic beef tallow and highlight the distinctions from conventional and non-certified organic tallow.

What is Beef Tallow?

Beef tallow, which is rendered fat from cows, has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer due to its high concentration of fatty acids. Grass-fed tallow is an excellent source of lipids that closely resemble those found in healthy, youthful skin. Additionally, it is rich in essential fat-soluble vitamins, including A, D, E, and K, all of which are naturally balanced. This makes it an exceptional choice for skincare without requiring further refinement or enrichment.

The source of beef tallow can greatly affect its quality and its implications for health and the environment. The beef tallow from Authentic Body And Soul is derived from certified organic suet tallow which is the raw firm fat found around the kidneys (known as kidney fat).

The skin is a vital barrier that protects the body from harm by preventing moisture loss, injuries, infections, and inflammation. It is crucial to maintain healthy and well-functioning skin to promote overall wellness.


The Significance of Certified Organic Beef Tallow?

Why Quality Matters?

Certified grass-fed tallow is important because it comes from cows that are raised in a natural and humane environment, feeding on their natural diet of grass. This results in tallow that is more nutrient-dense and has a healthier fat profile compared to conventional tallow from cows that are raised in confined feedlots and fed a diet of grain and other unnatural foods. 

By choosing certified organic grass-fed skincare products, you not only support more ethical and sustainable farming practices, but also nourish our skin with high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients. So next time you're shopping for skincare, consider opting for Authentic Body And Soul products that are certified grass-fed.

"The ACFA noted about 98 percent of beef eaten in Canada is grain-fed, not grass-fed, although all cattle start their lives on grass and forage."

According to Pete Bauman and Dr. Allen Williams, only 4% of USA cattle are grass fed.

Why Purity Matters?

Certified grass-fed tallow is purer and less likely to have harmful additives and preservatives commonly found in conventional tallow. By choosing certified organic tallow, you will have the assurance that you are getting
products that meet strict standards for purity, quality and sustainability.

Certified grass-fed tallow is also free from harmful additives and preservatives commonly found in conventional tallow. The benefits of using grass-fed tallow include improved skin health, better digestion, and increased nutrient absorption.

Non-GMO Guarantee

Organic beef tallow is assured to be GMO-free, making it a suitable choice for consumers aiming to steer clear of genetically modified organisms due to health or ethical concerns. This is crucial because GMO crops may be present in conventional cattle feed.

Some Confusing Definitions

Grass Fed

The phrase "grass fed" can be a little confusing to navigate.  An animal can be fed grass once in their life and technically still be considered grass-fed. 

Grass-Fed and Finished

This phrase means that the animal was fed grass 100% of its life. However, considering that around 98% of cattle in Canada are grain fed and 96% are grain fed in USA, do your homework here.  Also is the grass loaded with harmful toxins, pesticides, and GMO?

Certified Organic Grass Fed

This means that the cattle was raised on an organic farm by strict principles that is governed by a certifying body. The animal was never grain fed and is certified to be organic and certified grass fed.  The farmer generally gets an organic certification from the body certifying the farm to be organic, and another body certifying that the animal was indeed grass fed.  Grass fed does not mean organic.

Why Is Tallow So Compatible With Your Skin? 

One of the reasons why tallow is so compatible with human skin is because it contains many of the same fatty acids and compounds found naturally in our skin. These include oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, which help to moisturize and nourish the skin.

In addition, tallow has a similar pH level to human skin, which means it doesn't disrupt the skin's natural balance. This is important because when the skin's pH level is disrupted, it can lead to irritation, inflammation, and other skin issues.

Another benefit of tallow is that it is easily absorbed by the skin, which allows it to penetrate deeply and deliver moisture where it's needed most.


certified organic grass fed beef tallow


The ACFA noted about 98 percent of beef eaten in Canada is grain-fed, not grass-fed

Pete Bauman and Dr. Allen Williams



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