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The Most Dangerous Ultra Violet Radiation With The Least Awareness

The Most Dangerous Ultra Violet Radiation With The Least Awareness

UVC is the most dangerous type of ultraviolet radiation from the sun because it has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. However, it is supposed to be absorbed by the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere before it can reach the surface, but is that really happening?  Some UVC light meter shows that what should be a zero reading is showing as high as 20 +. Short-term exposure to UVC can cause skin redness and eye irritation, while long-term exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer and cataracts. It is important to protect your skin and eyes from all types of UV radiation by wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and sunglasses, and by seeking shade during peak sun hours.

Can UVC Alter or Change the DNA or RNA?

UVC radiation has the potential to alter DNA and RNA by causing damage to their molecular structure. UVC radiation is known to cause thymine dimers, which are a type of genetic mutation that can interfere with the replication and transcription of DNA and RNA. However, the extent and severity of the damage depends on factors such as the intensity and duration of the exposure, as well as the organism or material being exposed.

Can UV Damage the Skin At Night?

Yes, UV radiation can cause damage to the skin even at night. This is because UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows, and some artificial light sources emit UV radiation as well. This can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. It's important to protect your skin from UV damage by wearing sunscreen and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, even on cloudy days and at night.

Can Methylene Blue Absorb UVC Damage?

Methylene Blue has been studied for its potential to prevent UV damage in skin cells by UVA and UVB. Some research suggests that it may have antioxidant properties and could help protect against oxidative stress caused by UV radiation as a UVB blocker. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness and potential risks. It is important to use sunscreen and other protective measures to minimize UV damage.

The Cleanser

Why ultraviolet C (UVC) light is being used on surfaces, it's because UVC light has been shown to be effective in killing certain viruses and bacteria on surfaces. UVC light is being used as a disinfectant in various settings to help prevent the spread of illness.

Why Can Melanin Absorb UVC?

Melanin can absorb UVC radiation because of its chemical structure. Melanin is a pigment that absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation to protect the skin from damage. It has a complex molecular structure that includes benzene rings, indole groups, and carboxylic acid groups, which allows it to absorb a wide range of wavelengths of UV radiation. UVC radiation, which has the shortest wavelength in the UV spectrum, is absorbed by melanin through a process called electronic excitation, in which the energy from the radiation is transferred to the electrons in the melanin molecule, causing them to move to a higher energy state. This process effectively neutralizes the UVC radiation, preventing it from damaging the skin cells.


In conclusion, wearing effective sunscreen offers numerous benefits for the skin's health and appearance. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV radiation, which can cause skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin damage. Regular use of sunscreen can also prevent the development of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. By using sunscreen daily, individuals can maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin. It is important to choose a sunscreen with a high SPF and to reapply it every few hours to ensure maximum protection. Incorporating sunscreen into daily skincare routines is a simple and effective way to protect the skin and maintain its health.

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