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Organic Tallow Cream

Discover the natural benefits of organic tallow cream with our premium, nutrient-rich formulation. Perfect for all skin types, our tallow cream is crafted from ethically sourced, grass-fed animal fat, providing deep hydration and nourishment. Experience smoother, softer skin with our eco-friendly, non-toxic skincare solution. Ideal for those seeking a chemical-free alternative, our organic tallow cream supports healthy, glowing skin with its rich blend of vitamins and fatty acids. 

 Here are the key components of our products:

  • Our primary ingredient is certified organic grass-fed beef tallow sourced from an AGW certified farm.
  • Certified organic grass fed/finished beef tallow (AGW certified)
  • USP Certified hexane-free and heavy metal-free castor oil. (2024 certified)
  • USDA certified organic cold-pressed, non-irradiation babassu oil
  • Certified organic cold-pressed olive oil


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